Do It Yourself Stains

There are a lot of recipes on staining wood and some of the ingredients include:

mallet  Black Raspberries
mallet  Black Tea
mallet  Coffee
mallet  Food Coloring
mallet  Green Tea
mallet  Hot Chocolate
mallet  Hydrogen Peroxide
mallet  Nails
mallet  Onion Skins
mallet  Pennies
mallet  Powdered Indigo
mallet  Red Wine
mallet  Roofing Tar
mallet  Tobacco
mallet  Tomato Sauce
mallet  Tumeric
mallet  Steel Wool
mallet  Vinegar
mallet  Walnut Husks

It is also a good idea after the stain dries to seal the wood with a natural oil such as linseed oil (made from flax seeds) NOT boiled linseed oil or olive oil.

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